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  1. 1. freak out - a wild delusion (especially one induced by a hallucinogenic drug) disorientation. delusion, hallucination - a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea; "he has delusions of competence"; "his dreams of vast wealth are a hallucination". Verb.
  2. Definition of freak-out. 1: an act or instance of freaking out. 2: a gathering of hippies.
  3. freak out. 1. Experience or cause to experience hallucinations, paranoia, or other frightening feelings as a result of taking a mind-altering drug. For example, They were freaking out on LSD or .
  4. Oct 14,  · The greatest part of Freak Out is its horror, characters, and plot. The story is well paced and developed. Brad Jones is great as Dean Corll, pulling off a very, very haunting performance. (Warning: a very NC serial killer performance/10(2).
  5. 1. verb, slang To suddenly express anger or excitement in a very visible way. Mom will freak out when she finds out we broke her vase! I totally freaked out when I heard we'd won tickets to the concert. 2. verb, slang To startle or frighten someone.
  6. Antonyms for freak (out) calm, compose, quiet, settle, soothe, tranquilize. (also tranquillize) 2 to yield to mental or emotional stress.
  7. One of the most ambitious debuts in rock history, Freak Out! was a seminal concept album that somehow foreshadowed both art rock and punk at the same time. Its four LP sides deconstruct rock conventions right and left, eventually pushing into territory inspired by avant-garde classical composers/
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